About Me, Fisa Mihy-mihyndu

God had placed on my heart the need to spread the Gospel to the people of Gabon, Africa. Then to teach and train up disciples, plant Independent Fundamental Baptist churches and to speak with every soul about the Lord Jesus Christ.

My Salvation

My name is Fisa Mihy-mihyndu. I was born in the country of Gabon, Central West Africa. Being raised in an un-churched family, I had to wrestle to balance books, sense, thoughts, and logic harvested from different sources for wisdom and guidance. But this only worked to a certain extent. I sincerely believed that life was all about “fun” and “success” according to the world's standards. I had no desire and interest in God and the Christian faith. I was a hard case but not hard enough for God. My parents neither were for nor against us going to Church. I was saved at the age of Seventeen. A classmate, Igor Moubamba Judicael, led me to the Lord one day after school at “Le CES D'Akebe” in Libreville, Gabon. All my priorities completely changed. I became very involved in my church there in Gabon. Immediately right after my salvation, God gave me a burden. I knew I wanted to devote my whole life to the service of the Lord. However, I did not know for sure in what area of the ministry. I moved to America in order to enroll in College and soon began attending an Independent Baptist Church in the state of Texas. While I was in College, I was called Mr. pastor. During my College years, God began to turn my heart away from my secular goals and toward the things of the Lord.

My Experience

In 2012, I began attending the Lighthouse Baptist Church of Reno, Nevada where I was firmly grounded on the Word of God and became very involved in various ministries. I was truly blessed to meet pastor Ralstin who tutored, loved, mentored, and discipled me and properly trained me out of the Bible. I tried to serve the Lord in several different capacities. I served Him with the prayer ministry, the International Student Ministry, Baptist College ministry, church maintenance, soul winning, discipleship, bus ministry, Junior Church, vacation Bible time, nursing home, preaching, choir, song leading, youth ministry, and Sunday School. About three years ago, a group of people from our Church and I went down to Carson City to pass out several tracts to help pastor Robinson in his efforts to plant the Gospel Light Baptist Church of Carson City. Last year, I attended the national workers conference at North Valley Baptist Church in Santa Clara, California. I genuinely felt like I was not doing enough and not fulfilling God's calling for my life.

My Calling

However, after much guidance and counseling from my pastor here at Lighthouse Baptist Church, I knew God had called me to be a missionary. Beyond my deep love and passion for souls from all walks of life to come to trust Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour, I realized the need for an Independent Fundamental Baptist Church in Gabon. I knew that Gabon was the right field for me because of the need and the heart to see souls saved from hell and lives changed for the glory of God there and the implantation of Gospel preaching King James Bible believing Independent Fundamental Baptist Churches throughout the country of Gabon. Under the leadership of my pastor, I was able to enroll to Salt Lake Bible College (an Independent Fundamental Baptist College) where I have been a full-time faithful student of the Bible for five years now. In October 2016, I attended my first missions conference at Bible Baptist Church of Marysville, California where I had the privilege to present my vision for the country of Gabon in front of the Church family. Plus, I was able to attend Candidate School with FBMI in 2016 and went through a rigorous vetting process and by the grace of God appointed in front of the Church family at First Baptist Church of Hammond in November 2016 as a FBMI missionary. I have had the privilege to have lived in Gabon for twenty-two years, to be thoroughly acquainted with the culture, and to have been in constant conversation with some trusted sources about the current spiritual condition of the country. I pray that God be greatly glorified there. My feet are ready to walk. The field is not only ripe but also ready for the harvest.