Gabon, Africa - Reaching the Lost for Christ

Gabon is located in central west Africa and is 77% tropical rain forest. French is the official language. In Gabon, people live on fishing, hunting, and farming. Gabon is home to a big number of religious beliefs. 75 percent of the population are professing Christians. Nearly 60 percent are Catholics, 20 percent protestants, 10 percent Animists, 10 percent Muslims, and 5 percent Atheists. Bwiti is the oldest and most widespread religious belief in Gabon. You do find it practiced within every tribe. It has ceremonies for healing, death, and initiation. Kids are initiated to it against their will at a very young age. It has claimed the lives of some people. It entices many people locally and worldwide through its promises of gaining special knowledge and the ability to communicate with deceased loved ones.

The Gabonese people are a very spiritual people. With no independent fundamental Baptist missionaries and churches, they are constantly seeking for spiritual answers through the only available spiritual avenues such as Catholicism, Islam, Animism, Evangelicals, and Charismatics. With the predominant grand spiritual corruption, they are estranged to the fundamental doctrines of the Bible such as sin, hell, salvation, and heaven. They perfectly fit the Ephesians 2:12 description. They are without Christ, have no hope, and are without God. Therefore, the need for an independent fundamental soul winning gospel preaching King James Bible believing church is real and pressing.


  • Population: 1,780, 101
  • Catholics: 55%
  • Protestants: 20%
  • Muslims: 10%
  • Animists: 10%
  • Atheists: 5%