Missionary Church Planter in Gabon, Africa.

Vision : In every Gabonese community, in all cities and villages, to plant independent fundamental Baptist churches.

Mission : Knock on every door, witness to every soul, get souls saved, baptize them, desciple them, train nationals for the ministry, and multiply independent fundamental Gospel preaching Bible believing soul winning Baptist churches.

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About Me

As a young boy in Gabon, Africa, I grew up in an "unchurched" family and had no desire for God and the Christian Faith. By the time I was 17, the Gospel was presented to me by a classmate and my priorities competely changed...

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The Mission Field

The people of Gabon, Africa are very spiritual people. With no Independent Fundamental Baptist Church or Missionaries, the Gabonese people are constantly seeking spiritual answers and direction from different places and sources.

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The Gospel

The Gospel is what changes lives...It's what changed my life. God's Word leads and directs us and gives us an eternal purpose. There are many questions in life, and many uncertainties...but there is one thing that we can be 100% sure of: Eternity.

What the Bible says...

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Lighthouse Baptist Church
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Pastor Randy Ralstin

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Pastor Randy Ralstin

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